Sunday, March 16, 2008

Equal Education

One of the reasons that proponents of public education believe that there should even be a such as thing, is that all private schooling would lead to a situation in which children from rich families have better schooling than children from poor families, and this is unfair and immoral.

The first problem with this contention is that the U.S. has universal public (socialized) schooling already but the public schools in Beverley Hills are obviously better than the public schools in Harlem. So, public schooling has failed to lead to equal schooling in disparate communities.

But let's assume for the sake of argument that we are able to fix the schooling system such that a public school in Harlem and Compton is equal to a public school in Greenwich and Beverley Hills. This new schooling system will still fail to meet the objective of rich children not having better schooling than poor children because what's to stop the rich parents from sending their children to private schools that are better than public schools?

Well, the only thing that could stop them would be making private schools illegal. Now that we have made private schools illegal we are in a position to see the violent and jealous nature of public school advocates (this applies equally to the advocacy of socialized anything).

Making private schools illegal means that anyone who breaks this law will be violently punished. For example, if a parent gives money to a teacher not employed by the public school system, police must issue some sort of punishment. Either a fine or imprisonment. If a fine, and the parent refuses to pay, then the police must violently extract the fine. If imprisonment, then the police must violently force the parent inside a jail cell. If the parent willfully gives up the fine or goes to jail, it is only because of the implied threat of violence that they do so. If the parent believed or knew that the police actions were not ultimately backed up by violence then they would never comply with police orders.

In essence, the public school advocate is sending agents on their behalf to violently force compliance from the parent. The parent has harmed no one, but was merely using their own money however they wanted in a peaceful and voluntary manner between them and the private teacher. The public school advocate on the other hand jumps in between this peaceful transaction and violently beats them into submission.

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